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July 2013
The section is not a cut

SKOPJE (MK) — Han Tümertekin, a well-known Turkish architect (See also A10 #13), was the guest tutor of the 22nd International Summer School of Architecture, organized by the Faculty of Architecture, Saints Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, which took place in the monastery St. Joachim Osogovski in Macedonia from 6 – 14 July of this year. Participating students came from Albania, Serbia and Macedonia.

The theme set by Tümertekin, ‘The section is not a cut’, encouraged the students to use sections as a vehicle for controlling the space created, because, in his words, ‘in recent years, the section has been lost as a crucial tool in creating architecture. Today, sections are presented by cutting software-generated models, and architects are not able to see their section until it appears on the monitor.’ The surrounding topography and the example set by the monastery’s architecture were an ideal
setting for the workshop assignment, which required the students to design a small pavilion for a guest tutor at the summer school. (VLATKO P. KOROBAR)


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